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Mia - Neverland Above the Clouds CHAPTER LIST
  • Mia - Neverland Above the Clouds

    Alternative : Mia - Unjou no Neverland ; MIA-雲上のネバーランド- ; Миа - Нетландия над облаками
  • Author(s) : Wubao
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : May 20, 04:19
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  • view : 5.588
  • Genre : Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural
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Mia - Neverland Above the Clouds:

In a city where adults go through the motions like robots, Mia feels claustrophobic. Meanwhile, the news is rife with stories of children getting kidnapped. One day, Mia runs into a young man named Joema. At his house, she sees fairies and children with animated faces. Are they holograms produced by his machine? But friendship with Joema comes with a price, Mia learns, as red-eyed Crows approach... История о людях, которые постепенно забывают о том, что когда-то было для них важным. Но всё меняется после случайной встречи сироты Мии и странного парня "не от мира сего", живущего в обсерватории на окраине города. Note: The tank doesn't separate the manga into chapters, but it was separated into 6 chapters in the online publication. The Russian group arbitrarily created 8 chapters out of the tank, hence the English and Russian releases have different total chapters.